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Q:  Who should I contact if I have questions?
A:  Email us at if you have questions.  A league representative will get back to you within 24 hours. 

Q: How can I stay info
A: Visit our website at and subscribe to our newsletters and follow us on our Instagram and FB.

Q: Does the league practice player safety?
A: Yes! Safety is our top priority.  Most parents don’t know that despite being a contact sport, youth football has fewer injuries than youth soccer. Player safety is integrated into our whole program. 

Q: Is tackle football right for my child?
A:  Any parent involved with this program will tell you it’s an incredible experience for the whole family. It does much more than develop football skills.  It develops leaders with good academic performance and tools for success in life.  Players are instilled with a strong sense of community and the principles of good sportsmanship, leadership, dedication, and teamwork.

Q:  When does the season start and how long does it run?
A:  The Season can begin as early as July (for tackle teams) or the first week of August and typically runs through November.

Q:  What are key dates?
A:  If you’re a new player, make sure to subscribe to our email list to keep informed about key dates.  You can also follow us on Facebook. Key milestones are summarized below.

March 1 – Registration Sign ups start!
March 2 - In Person Registration at Veterans Park
March 3 and every Sunday after - Off season conditioning clinics

August 1st – Official Start of Fall 2024 season.

Q:  What division should I register my child?
A:  National Pop Warner provides divisions for ages 5-14.  Players are separated by age to match them by maturity.  

Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  Early Registration March 1 – April 1   $375
A:  Regular Registration April 2– June 15 $400   
A:  Family member discounts - $50 for multiple children in same household.
A:  Final payments are due in full July 31 no exceptions.

A: Early Registration March 1 - April 1 $660
A: Regular Registration April 2 - June 15 $700
A: Family member discounts - $50 for multiple children in same household.
A: Final payments are due in full July 31 no exceptions.

Q:  What information is needed to register my child?

A:  There are several required documents needed to complete registration:
Pop Warner Player Contract (2 pages, signed by parent and player)

Pop Warner Physical Form 

Photocopy of Birth Certificate 

Photocopy of 2024 FINAL Report Card (must have final grades for the year)

Forms needed are available on our website under Registration Docs Tab.


Q:  What does my child get for the registration fee? Why is football and cheer so expensive?       

          ADMINISTRATIVE – Bank fees, copy services, office supplies, postage, P.O. Box,

          tax filing fees, CPA, online registration fee.

          CONFERENCE – Conference fees for football & cheer, competition fees, jamboree and playoff fees,

          game fees, director and officer insurance fees, player and spirit insurance fees, scholastic participation

          fees, conference participation patches, third party host fees, etc.

Registration Fees Include:

Football                                                                                           Cheer

Player Insurance                                                                             Player Insurance

Game Jersey                                                                                  Cheer accessories

Helmet/shoulder pads (Gear rental is $100 outside of registration fee)  Cheer competitions

Game field and practice field rental                                                   Cheer camps

Referee's fees (4 officials per game)                                                  Game field and practice field rental

West Coast Conference fees                                                             Referees fees (4 officials per game)              

Equipment reconditioning                                                                 West Coast Conference fees

New equipment purchases                                                                Field lights and game day custodial services

Field lights and game day custodial services                                       Individual and team pictures

Individual and team pictures                                                             EMT services during home games

EMT services during home games                                                     Cheer uniforms

Trophies (flag and 8-9U divisions                                                      Trophies (flag and 8-9U divisions

Q: What do I need to purchase?

A:  Flag: Cleats and water bottle or thermos for practice.

A:  Tackle: Cleats

                Mouth guard.

                Cup (or) compression shorts.

                Practice jerseys (2 recommended)

                Padded practice pants.

                Large water bottle or thermos for practice.

Q: Where are games and how far do we have to travel?
A:  Chula Vista Eagles hosts 3-5 home games per season at Olympian High School.  At least half of the games are at visiting locations around the county.  Driving times can be between 15 to 45 minutes in San Diego County and surrounding areas.

Q: Where are practices?
A: Wolf Canyon Elementary School

Q: How often do teams practice?
A: Tackle - teams typically practice 5-days a week through August. Practice will drop to 3-days a week following the Labor Day weekend.
A: Cheer- Same as Tackle

Q: How long are practices?
A: Tackle - 2-hours.
A: Cheer- 2 hours.

Q:  Will the time commitment impact school work?
A:  Pop Warner Football and Chula Vista Eagles emphasize academics and good grades. It’s a requirement to be part of a team.  You will often hear players respond in unison, “Yes coach!” when coaches tell their team to get their schoolwork done.  Players learn to complete schoolwork before practice. The time commitment and structure often-times helps kids to stay focused and do better in school.

Q:  Does every player make it onto a team?
A: Teams are limited to 30 players.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  If a player doesn't make a team, they will be put onto a wait list for players to drop out or for a second team if there are enough players and a coach.

Q:  Will my child get playing time?
A:  Players are guaranteed a minimum of 10 plays per game.  This is checked each game by volunteers from both teams.  Players earn more playing time as they learn the game and improve their football skills.

Q: Is there post season championship play?
A: Yes! Teams play for standings during the regular season based on their record. The top 4 teams compete in play-offs for a Championship game in Division 2.  The remaining teams compete in play-offs for a Championship game in Division 3.  Not all teams will make the play-offs.

Q: Will football interfere with other sports?
A: Football players are good athletes, and many compete in multiple sports.  

Q: What can my son do in the off season to improve as a player?
A: Chula Vista Eagles encourages off-season sports to further football skill development.  Recommended sports include Track & Field, Youth Rugby, and Spring NFL Flag. 

Q: Can I help out?
A: Yes!  Volunteers are needed throughout the season in order to have a successful season.  Please inform one of our Board members for interest in volunteering.

Q: Can I sponsor a team?
A: Absolutely!  The league depends on sponsorship donations to operate each season and to minimize registration fees.  Sponsorship is a great opportunity for local businesses to gain exposure while giving back to the community.  Please email or approach one of our Board Members as well.

Q: What if I want a refund?
A: There is a NO REFUND policy whatsoever. Due to upfront costs of fees and materials we are unable to refund. Only exception is when a team is dissolved before the start of the season and there is no season for that division. 

Player Safety

Did you know that Pop Warner football is safer than soccer? Pop Warner football has 12% fewer injuries per capita among 5-15 years than organized soccer in the same age range! (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, NEISS).
Pop Warner Football has been around since the league inception in 1929 by founder Joseph J. Tomlin.  Since then, participation has steadily increased to today’s record numbers. Over 250,000 youths participated in Pop Warner-sanctioned football programs in 2010, and those numbers continue to grow.


Participant safety has always been Pop Warner’s number one priority. The Heads Up Football program is the latest step in delivering a safer program to all Pop Warner players.  Heads Up Football is a unique coach certification program by USA Football that advances player safety through education and nationally endorsed standards. Click here to learn more.  Below is summary of how safety is integrated into everything SSD Bandits Football does to keep players safe and to avoid injuries.
Age and Weight Restrictions – Divisions are separated by age to ensure players are matched by maturity.  The younger Mighty-Mite division (ages 7, 8, and 9) is weight restricted to 45 to 100 lbs.   

Heads Up Coach Training and Certification – All coaches are Heads Up certified by the USA Football Association.  The program includes football fundamentals, practice planning, communication, skill development, first aid, and concussion recognition and response.

Shoulder Tackling – Coaches are trained in teaching proper shoulder tackling techniques developed by the Seattle Seahawks, setting a new standard in player safety for minimizing injury.

Helmets – Helmets today use advanced technology to protect players. Helmets must be replaced or refurbished every 2 years to ensure players are well protected from impacts.

Equipment & Weight Checks - Before the start of each game, a third party weighs each player and checks helmet certification and mouth guards to ensure conformance to league standards.

Background Checks – Third party background checks are performed on all coaches and volunteers.

Contact Limitations – Practices are structured around league guidelines to regulate contact time to national standards.

Conditioning Requirements – Players must complete a minimum 5 days of training and conditioning before putting on pads.

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